Brighton Beach Patrol trying to stay afloat through GoFundMe campaign

A MEMBER of Brighton Beach Patrol is appealing to the public to help keep the organisation afloat as it enters its second year on the seafront.

Jason Roberts, head of logistics for the patrol, is running a GoFundMe campaign to continue keeping people safe at sea during nights out, with a goal of £12,500 needed to train and equip the team.

The organisation, set up by Resolve Solutions in 2015, works with Sussex Police, Brighton and Hove City Council and nightclubs along the seafront. They prevent vulnerable and intoxicated people entering the sea, operating from 11pm-5am every weekend.

Mr Roberts, 25, from Brighton, said: “In addition to preventing people from entering the water, we also monitor the beach to prevent crime and disorder, sexual assaults, injuries and altercations as well as patrolling for beach fires, disposing of glass bottles and other dangerous items.”

The £12,500 would cover the cost of insurance, quad bike fuel and servicing, and safety equipment such as first aid kits.

Resolve paid for the first year’s funding, but it is not possible for them to continue on their own.

Louise Roberts, manager of the patrol and Mr Roberts’s mother, is calling out business bosses to open their wallets in return for a partnership to promote themselves. She said: “Our main aim is to protect our own and people who visit the town. We’re trying to focus on local businesses to become partners – their business will be displayed on the quads, so people will see their names and it would make for good marketing.”

The difference the patrol is making to safety at night time is not going unnoticed.

“One night I located three girls on the beach who were intoxicated and looked underage,” said Miss Roberts, who patrols on the quad.

“I contacted police and they were all known for being exploited and vulnerable females; one was on the missing persons list. We were told we saved the police a lot of money just for that one incident.

“It’s not a vast amount of money when you see what the quad actually does.”